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Tobias Watzl

Programmer, photographer, engineer.

My Observations when Travelling in Times of Corona

Last week I went on a train trip. Here I want to report about my obeservation how people in Austria deal with Coronavirus.

Tobias Watzl

6-Minute Read

Note: This article has been translated mostly using Google Translate and manually been proofread afterwards. Still it is possible that mistakes might have slipped through.

Starlink and Crew Dragon

I managed to get pictures of a starlink trail and images from the launch of Crew Dragon DM2 mission towards ISS.

Tobias Watzl

5-Minute Read

Currently SpaceX is building up their network of telecommuncations satellites with the ultimate goal of providing cheap satellite internet globally. As they need to achieve global coverage they have to launch their satellites into different orbits, which means that not every launch will be visible from Europe.

The moon, the stars and the software

A special constellation of planets and talk about astrophotography and HDR tools.

Tobias Watzl

14-Minute Read

A couple of days ago I was made aware by a work colleague that there will be a nice lineup of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon this week. Small problem: The lineup is visible at around 4am in the morning and only for about an hour or two. At first I did not want to take photos, because I really don’t like waking up that early, but after some thinking I decided to go for it anyway. After all this is exactly the kind of crazy stuff I love to do, also it was a nice chance to have a reason…

Improving Photoswipe Performance

How can you improve the performance of photoswipe when using it together with Hugo?

Tobias Watzl

5-Minute Read

So today I finally managed to release my first post about my exchange semester in Finland. If you wonder why it is not under newest posts, it is because I ‘backdated’ it to January 8th when the images were taken. I explained why I do that in another post. In short I want to keep my blog as a kind of diary and it fits nicer if the images are sorted in chronologically in the order they were taken.

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