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Why I operate my own private server

In this post I quickly describe my motivation why I run my own server at home instead of paying for a hosted service.

Tobias Watzl

4-Minute Read

This article is part of my series on my personal server setup. In this post I want to quickly explain the motivation why I am doing all the work for hosting my own infrastructure instead of just paying for a service provider.

Using Traefik as reverse-proxy for my home server

This post is about how to configure and run Traefik as reverse-proxy for a docker-compose based server.

Tobias Watzl

9-Minute Read

In this post I am going to describe the reverse proxy setup I am using on my private server. I am also using a very similar setup for my blog. However there is not much difference so I will simply go through my private setup here. As a matter of fact this setup is even more sophisticated as it allows to restrict some services only to my VPN.

Nextcloud Configuration

This post shows how I configured my Nextcloud on my home server.

Tobias Watzl

19-Minute Read

Ever since I started running my own Nextcloud instance about one and a half years ago I wanted to write a blog post about my setup. However up to now I have always delayed this for two main reasons. First I was never really confident that my setup was already in a state that could be presented and on the other hand time is always rare for me. However recently I have been asked on whether I have experience migrating a Nextcloud instance to docker. I do not have any migration experience since I…

Looking for a Comet...

About the importance of research for proper photography and how a chain of mistakes can lead to an unexpected, but great result.

Tobias Watzl

3-Minute Read

If you follow my blog posts regularly then you know by now that I am doing astrophotography from time to time. Especially if there are noteworthy events that can be easily spotted. As you surely have heard by now currently the comet C2020/F3 (NEOWISE) is visible in the night sky and as you probably also heard it is only visible in the early early morning hours.

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