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EU Law requires me to have some privace information (or not? I don’t care I’ll do it anyway to be safe.).

Of course my webserver uses your IP for sending you data. I am using Hugo for generating my page and the Future Imperfect Slim Theme for Hugo. It might be that this theme loads scripts from 3rd party servers and those servers might see your IP.

If you do not want that I recommend you to either use a Proxy/VPN service or a script blocker like uMatrix. I am working on loading the scripts locally, but until then I ask for your patience. I am programming all of this on my own in my free time so it takes time.

Using the sharing buttons will take you away from my site and to the respective other site where the privacy policy of each site individually applies. I have no control over that.

In order to better understand what articles you are interested I use Matomo. Matomo sets a Cookie and saves IP addresses. If you do not want that you can opt out here.

Unfortunately you do not allow me to use your data for improving the blog.

Replies typically within <no value> hours.

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