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Improving Photoswipe Performance

How can you improve the performance of photoswipe when using it together with Hugo?

Tobias Watzl

5-Minute Read

So today I finally managed to release my first post about my exchange semester in Finland. If you wonder why it is not under newest posts, it is because I ‘backdated’ it to January 8th when the images were taken. I explained why I do that in another post. In short I want to keep my blog as a kind of diary and it fits nicer if the images are sorted in chronologically in the order they were taken.

Tobias Watzl

2-Minute Read

As you might have notices my blog has gotten a new theme. This might come surprising as the blog is only up for one month. However the new theme is merely the visible result of a much more important change under the hood. After a colleague told me about Hugo and it’s built in multilanguage support I became curious and tried it out.

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